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Eviction? You are not alone!

Smart Move Evictions understands how frightening getting an eviction notice can be. We offer our clients various services all designed to help delay their eviction process which allows our clients more time in their home. Smart Move Evictions gives our clients a piece of mind so that you can think clear, and focus on what’s important (family).


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Eviction Process

Most evictions are very similar and consist of the same steps. 3-day notice, 5-day Summons, Unlawful Detainer, and the final notice is the Sheriff’s notice to vacate. This process can move very rapidly, and can also be overwhelming! The more you know, the better you will be prepared


See The Eviction Process


Don’t Just Walk Away. You Have Rights!

The reason for your Eviction doesn’t matter. We offer Affordable Solutions for every kind of Eviction.

Smart Move Evictions understands how stressful the eviction process can be. It is a very complicated and time sensitive matter that requires expertise and knowledge of the eviction proceedings. You need professionals that have extensive knowledge of Eviction Laws and California Tenant Rights. You need professionals who are reliable and affordable. You need Smart Move Evictions who has been in business for many years and is dedicated to helping renters avoid eviction. You need Smart Move Evictions not only do we say so, but our previous clients highly recommend our services!

Take a quick look at our services and see why Smart Move Evictions is the only defense you will need to stay in your home longer.

Eviction Defense

It all begins with defending yourself. Since most evictions are due to non-payment of rent, most tenants feel they don’t have any rights in court. WRONG! You always have rights. Let Smart Move Evictions set up your Defense to help you delay your eviction.

Document Preparation

We ensure all documents are prepared correctly, and filed in a timely manner. This assures our clients will receive all the benefits of using Smart Move Evictions.

Case Evaluation

This process is to check for mistakes within the eviction documents made by your landlord, and their attorney of record. Not all evictions have the same defenses. At Smart Move Evictions We perform a thorough case evaluation, by reviewing any received eviction documents by the client, then speaking directly with the client if any further information is required. Once the evaluation has been completed, the agreed upon documents will be prepared and submitted to the courts to start the eviction delay process.

  1. 1 3-Day Notice-This is the first process in eviction. A 3-day notice can be served for many different reasons, however this notice is most commonly used for tenants behind on rent. It is a notice that a tenant receives that acts as a notification for the tenant to pay the full rent or vacate the property.
  2. 2Summons Unlawful Detainer– Also known as an eviction or a 5 day notice, this is sent if the tenant does not respond to the 3-day notice. This is the official start of an eviction! the tenant is now referred to as the Defendant, and the landlord as the Plaintiff.
  3. 3Sheriff Notice To Vacate-This notice comes after the plaintiff has won possession of the property in court, whether you’ve seen a judge or not. You don’t want this notice to come too soon, this is why it’s important to meet all deadlines. Once possession has been given back to the plaintiff, the sheriffs are then notified and they have one job to do and that’s to kick all tenants out, and lock the doors!

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Smart Move Eviction does not and cannot provide legal advice, and nothing on this site should be construed as such. The information on this site exists to provide legal information regarding non-attorney legal document preparation services, and does not constitute legal advice. Further more, Smart Move Eviction cannot give legal advice or provide legal representation in court. Smart Move Eviction is not a law firm or a substitute for an attorney. Services provided are not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. The primary purpose (among others) of the services provided by Smart Move Eviction are to assist you in preparing your documents for filing as Pro Se (representing yourself) and the filing of those documents in court. If an attorney is needed in your legal matter, Smart Move Eviction recommends you contact your local bar association. Smart Move Eviction cannot and does not guarantee the outcome of any legal matter worked on.

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